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Linking between posts on your WordPress blog can be a tedious process. But it’s something which can provide value to your users, by highlighting other posts which may interest them and smoothing their path to those posts. And as a webmaster you potentially benefit from increased pageviews and SEO improvements. Fortunately, this is something which can be efficiently automated with a carefully chosen plugin.

Manually Linking Posts

As I travel round Central America with my wife, I’ve been maintaining a small travel blog. We mainly use it to post photo albums from each place we visit. But I also add a little bit of text to each post. To help our friends and family follow the flow of our trip each post includes a link to our previous and next destination. Up until now I’ve been adding them manually. I also have a summary page¬†which gives a description of our trip and a link to each destination. Adding these links for a single post is not a huge amount of work (three links total per post), but over the course of our trip it adds up to quite a bit of grunt work.

SEO Smart Links Plugin

Since the text of each link I add is the title of the page, it is clearly something that could be automated. It turns out that it is, and there is already a WordPress plugin that solves the problem beautifully: SEO Smart Links by Vladimir Prelovac. This plugin automatically converts any instances where one post / page mentions the title of another into a link to that post / page. Unlike some plugins, the configuration is simple and powerful. Most usefully, it lets you specify that only the first occurrence of the title is linked. You can also add custom links (for example to link to mentions of your other websites).

The Result

Thanks to the SEO Smart Links plugin I no longer have to do any linking between posts when updating our travel blog. When I publish a new post the plugin will automatically add a link to it from my summary and from my previous destination post. And it will add a link from this new post back to the previous destination. Problem solved. Now I have more time for other stuff.

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