Starfall Math started out as a free educational resource for teaching children reading through phonetics, but has since grown to add a paid math section, “Starfall Math“. The Starfall math section is made up of several math topics:

  • Numbers – teaching your child the numbers 0 through to 20, 25, 50 and 100.
  • Math Songs – such as 5 Little bears, the Time song and the classic Once I Caught a Fish Alive
  • Geometry and Measurement – featuring games / modules such as 2D/3D shapes, Polygons and Symmetry
  • Addition and Subtraction – with games ranging from simple concepts such as Minus 1, to more advanced ones like the commutative and associative properties.
  • Multiplication and Division – with multiplication up to the 9 times table, and division of such things as a pizza

The majority of the math content at Starfall is only available with a signup, at Registration costs $35 for a home user, $70 for a teacher membership, $150 for a classroom membership and $270 for a school membership. Memberships are valid for one year.

The Starfall Math site is colorful, accessible, and best suited for children in kindergarten or 1st grade.

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