Link Friday: The Week in Review

Here are some of the best things I’ve come across on the web this week.

  • FseenBlock – a neat little Google Chrome extension which blocks Facebook from recording which messages you’ve “seen”. That way you don’t have to feel so guilty about not replying instantly to every message you read. And while you’re looking at Chrome extensions, you may want to add a calculator you your browser.
  • HubSpot’s Device Lab – okay, so it’s not working for me right now, but once that is sorted out, this looks like it’s going to be an awesome tool for developers. It promises to show you at a glance how your website looks on a range of mobile devices (iPhone 4 and 5, iPad, Nexus and Samsung Galaxy), in both horizontal and vertical orientations. This should make cross-device testing much less of a mystery.
  • GCHQ Cipher Challenge – each year GCHQ (the British codebreaking organisation) put out a cryptography challenge. They recently released their latest one, a five-part puzzler with a range of prizes and potential job opportunities on offer. I took a look and was able to solve part 1 and part 2 fairly easily. I haven’t tackled the third part yet, but it looks like it will be a bit more taxing.
  • The Fox – a random Youtube clip for your entertainment.
  • Editorial Calendar – a WordPress plugin which gives you a calendar-style overview of your blog and when each post will be published. Drag and drop to move posts and plan your blog posting schedule much easier than you could without the plugin.

In other news…

  • I released a new version of my calculator, with improved accuracy, a better calculation history and a shiny new keypad.
  • I met up with Dave and Ryan of Medellin Living, at one of their regular meetups in this amazing Colombian city. Their site is well worth checking out if you’re coming to Medellin, or if you want to see an example of a destination blog done right.

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