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Cool math 4 Kids at CoolMath4Kids.comI recently posted about a site I found packed full of math games aimed at 13 year olds and upward. That site was CoolMathGames by CoolMath. But what if your child is hasn’t yet reached that level of mathematical ability?

Well it turns out the CoolMath website has a spin-off site aimed at kids below the age of 13: CoolMath4KidsĀ is every bit as brightly colored and packed with games, lessons and activities as it’s big brother. Guided by cute cartoon monsters such as “Spike”, your child is able to study a wide range of topics.

There are comprehensive math lessons covering all the basics: addition, subtraction, times-tables, long division, fractions and decimals.

And as your child progresses, they can move onto the more advanced topics such as fractals, polyhedra, tessellations, lattice multiplications and brain benders.

Coolmath4kids contains plenty of supporting material to help as your child moves through the lessons. For example there are flash cards to help strengthen their recall of key concepts. There are also links to the main Coolmath site so your kids can smoothly transition as their math skills improve.

If your kids are starting out learning math, CoolMath4Kids may well be worth a look.


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