Calcatraz Chrome Extension Released!

I’ve just released an add-on for Google Chrome which lets you perform calculations without needing to browse to the calculator first.

If you’re like me, you’ll have your browser open pretty much 24/7. But when you want to perform a calculation you may find yourself hunting through your start menu or hoping that Google knows the answer. But now there’s a quicker way. Install our extension and you get a nice calculator button added to your browser. Then with one click you can enter your calculation and get the answer from Calcatraz Calculator.

Here are the details:

Calcatraz Calculator Extension for Google Chrome

Add a calculator to your browser:

Calcatraz Calculator Chrome Browser Extension

When you install the extension, it puts a small calculator button in the top right corner of your browser, between the address bar and the menu icon.

Now, when you click on the calculator button while on any webpage, the calculation box shown above pops up. You can simply type in any calculation here (in plain English, or mathematical notation), press the green "equals" button and the Calcatraz Calculator will open up in a new tab, complete with your answer.

Learn more and try it out from our installation page.

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